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Q Web DesignsQ Web Designs is a website design company providing Louisville KY and southern Indiana with affordable websites and databases since 2006. Later, we started offering printing services to further assist our clients who are startup companies with no promotional materials. All of our web design and database design work is custom coded unless the client prefers other strategies.

E-Commerce Web Design by Q Web Designs LLC

E-Commerce Web Design by Q Web DesignsAll e-commerce web design by Q Web Designs LLC comes with all of the basics.

• Your colors and your logo implemented
• Add items to the shopping cart platform
• Enter your product meta tags, descriptions, photos, etc
• Enter tax settings and shipping settings
• Connect your merchant account for accepting credit cards
• Teach you how to maintain your products

If you know that you need an e-commerce web site but don’t know where to start, we can help with suggestions for merchant service providers, different shopping cart options, and more before we even start building the actual web site.

Don’t worry. Q Web Designs provides all types of web sites … not just e-commerce.

Databases by Q Web Designs

Database Design by Q Web DesignsIf you need a way to store and manage data without it being linked to a public website, then databases by Q Web Designs may be exactly what you need. Databases can be password protected and even encrypted for added security. Web-based databases are excellent tools for allowing multiple people in several different locations to have access to the same set of data. They are also ideal for the business traveler who needs access to information no matter where he/she is in the world … but doesn’t want the data traveling along on a laptop computer which may get lost or damaged. Our databases allow real-time updates to your important data from anywhere in the world. Managing customer information, tracking sales … how can a database help your business?

All of our services and products are available to clients worldwide.

Louisville Printing by Q Web Designs

For all of your Louisville printing needs, we have your business cards, postcards, brochures and other products printed here in the United States by a number of large printing companies that do nothing but print for resellers. This allows us to provide very competitive pricing along with professional printing services. All printed materials come with a Quality Guarantee. If there is any problem with the print quality, the entire order will be replaced for free. Please visit our Printing Prices page for a list of products and prices.

Plastic Bags from Q Web Designs

Have you ever been to a trade show or expo and received a plastic bag full of free goodies? Of course, most people have. Since plastic goody bags seem to have grown in popularity around Louisville recently, Q Web Designs LLC added plastic bags with die cut handles to our product list. The choices and prices are currently in the Printing section of the web site, but we will likely break them out into a different section of the site soon.

Give us a call any time at 502-298-2802 or visit our website at www.QWebDesigns.com. Q Web Designs would love to help you in any way we can.

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Was GoDaddy Hacked?

Was GoDaddy Hacked?Was GoDaddy hacked or not? They say no, but many people believe GoDaddy was hacked on Monday September 10th, 2012. This widespread belief stems from 2 events. First, GoDaddy’s web site and the sites of tens of millions of their web hosting customers (possibly all of them) were not accessible on the web Monday. Second, a member of the twitter group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the sites going down. The group itself does not claim responsibility, but rather a single member says it was him/her, the owner of twitter account @AnonymousOwn3r.

Here at Q Web Designs, we noticed several web sites (not our hosting customers) were not available on Monday. Then Tuesday, we received calls from some unhappy GoDaddy [former] hosting customers. One call was from a basement waterproofing company whose site was designed by a different web design company. The waterproofing site was completely down for several hours Monday. Then when the site came back online, only the header of the pages was showing up. The main body and footer content were gone … at least not visible in web browsers. The customer (we’ll call him Bob) spent over an hour on the phone with GoDaddy only to receive an e-mail with some scripting code that Bob couldn’t understand, and GoDaddy did not tell him what to do with it. Bob called us. I got on the phone with GoDaddy. I was on hold for over 7 minutes before I got a representative, and then we finally got around to an “I don’t know” from him. The short story here is, we are rebuilding the entire site from scratch and hosting the site through Q Web Designs. It is unfortunate that Bob is suffering, and GoDaddy can’t tell him why.

GoDaddy Says They Were Not Hacked

GoDaddy apologized for the millions of outages. However, they say this was not the result of hacking. As reported by CBSNews.com, GoDaddy claims “the service outage was due to a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables” (Scott Wagner, Go Daddy Interim CEO).

Who Believes GoDaddy Was Hacked?

I believe they may have been hacked. How else could someone explain all of their sites going down and then some not functioning properly when they come back online? … And Go Daddy has no clue what is wrong with a site that worked just fine before everything went haywire …?

Why Was GoDaddy Hacked?

It is believed that Anonymous member, @AnonymousOwn3r, launched the attack because GoDaddy (initially) supported SOPA legislation which would greatly censor the web in an attempt to stop online piracy. The SOPA legislation is so restrictive that even libraries have expressed concerns that SOPA may expose them to prosecution. Google, Wikipedia, Reddit and over 7,000 other web sites are opposing SOPA. On December 22, 2011 GoDaddy changed their position stating, “We’ve listened to our customers. Go Daddy is no longer supporting the SOPA legislation.” The statement was made on Go Daddy’s blog where it was very evident (in the comments) that the damage was already done.

How Do You Feel About GoDaddy?

Please click the Comment link for this post and let us know how you feel about GoDaddy. Do you use them for domain registration, hosting, or any other services? Why or why not? In your opinion, was GoDaddy hacked?

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Printing Special – Trifold Brochures

Our current printing special is 1,000 Tri-fold Brochures for only $265. That includes Free UPS Shipping to your door anywhere in Louisville KY, New Albany IN, Clarksville IN and Jeffersonville IN. The brochures can be full color or black & white. Brochures are printed on sturdy 100# gloss book stock.

Offer Ends August 31, 2012

Offer includes printing only. If you do not already have the brochure design ready for print, we can do a very simple design for as little as $60.

Call us at 502-298-2802 to order or for more information on our printing services. You can also visit our printing prices page to see other products available.

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Louisville Printing Special

Our current Louisville printing special is 1,000 1-Side Business Cards for $50! That includes Free UPS Shipping to your door anywhere in Louisville. The cards can be full color or black & white. Get a UV gloss coat or a matte finish. It doesn’t matter … all the same low price.

Offer Ends July 1, 2012

Offer includes printing only. If you do not already have the card design ready for print, we can do a design for as little as $30.

Call us at 502-298-2802 to order or for more information on this Louisville printing special. You can also visit our printing prices page to see other products available.

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Link Building vs Link Swap

Link BuildingLink building is much different than link swapping. In actuality, link swapping is just a type of link building. Link building itself focuses on getting inbound links from other sites to your web site. In some cases, we may have no choice but to put a link on our own site in order to gain a link back from another site (link swap). However, inbound links that don’t require you to link out to that site (also called 1-way links) are much more valuable to an SEO campaign. One-way links tell the search engine that the other sites recognize your site as an authority in your field. They think your content is relevant to the topic at hand, and they don’t mind sending traffic to your site to view your content.

Many businesses actually engage in link swapping just to get the inbound links. The problem with that is you could easily look more like a lawn & garden directory than the local landscaping company that John Doe is searching for. After all, how many links can you put on your site before the links take over the actual content and the whole purpose of having the site in the first place?

Inbound link building is among the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Some internet experts would argue that little else matters if you have a good linking strategy.

Do Link Building the Right Way

Press releases are among the most popular ways to get 1-way inbound links. Directory listings are also very affective. Article submissions can lead to several inbound links in a fairly short amount of time.

Link Building from Multiple Domains

It is very easy to get several inbound links from 1 domain. Those don’t carry nearly as much seo juice as links from several different domains. Which is more influential to you? One friend who really really likes Jack’s Pizza Parlor … or 8 friends who really like Jack’s Pizza Parlor? Search engines view inbound link building the same way you view your friends’ recommendations.

Open Homepage In New Tab (firefox)

Open Homepage in New Tab FirefoxEven though Firefox is a wonderful browser, they managed to leave thousands of people searching for ways to “open homepage in new tab (firefox)” each month. For being the 2nd most popular web browser on the planet, not making that standard (or at least an option in the settings) was a huge disappointment to firefox users.

First, check your settings. Make sure your home page is set to the correct web site, and make sure the Startup section is set to “Show my home page” when Firefox starts. Then you are ready to move on to 1 of the 3 following options.

Control + Click

While holding the Control key down, click the Home icon on the toolbar. This will allow you to open homepage in new tab (firefox). It’s a nice option if you don’t want to download anything extra … and you can remember to hold down the Control key before simply clicking the home icon. Isn’t it natural to just click without thinking about it?

Middle Click

If you have a mouse with 3 buttons on it, then it’s obvious what a middle click is. If you have a mouse with 2 buttons and a roller in the middle (like what I have), then it may not be so obvious. Press down on the roller to perform a middle click. To open homepage in new tab (firefox), middle click on the Home icon located on the toolbar. This may easily be the most preferred option because it requires only 1 action, and there are no downloads necessary.

Add-ons / Plug-ins

There are add-ons that will allow you to open homepage in new tab (firefox). There are 3 big problems with this fix. Many people don’t like downloading things that aren’t absolutely mandatory for their daily internet use. Therefore, the add-on approach forces some people to step outside their comfort zone. Second problem. Whenever firefox releases an update, they tend to kill the compatibility that the older version had with most add-ons. So, download an add-on… update to a new version of firefox in a few months … add-on stops working. Big problem number 3. People don’t have to download anything extra to load a new tab with their homepage in Internet Explorer. I personally can’t remember ever not having my homepage automatically load in a new tab in IE. So it was an annoying inconvenience every time firefox gave me a totally blank screen. Often, I would just close firefox and open IE.

I hope this information helps you find a suitable way to open homepage in new tab (firefox).

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How Many Pages Should My Website Have?

Web Page DesignOne of the first questions I get from new web design clients is “How many pages should my website have?” Many want as few as possible to keep the cost down, but when they consider their competitors’ sites, the thought process changes a bit. It is no longer about getting as little as possible, but rather having a competitive (at least comparable) website design.

Count Their Web Pages

While I don’t promote having 12 pages simply because a competitor has 12 pages, it is important to make note of what is happening online in your industry. Do most HVAC contractors have 5 to 8 pages? Do very few caterers have more than 4 pages? Knowing pertinent statistics can help you figure out what your target audience is accustomed to seeing when they land on a web site in your field. If most florist web sites have over 8 pages, then sliding by with only 2 pages may not produce a return on investment for a startup florist trying to start out small and cheap.

Only 17%

According to a Verisign report released in March of this year, 88% of all .com and .net domain names resolve to a web site. This means that 88 times out of 100, if you navigate to a particular .com or .net domain that is registered, you will find a web site there. Of the total .com and .net web sites on the internet, a marginal 17% have only 1 page.

What Should Be On My Web Pages?

After figuring out how many pages the competition has, one needs to consider the content on those pages. Is it helpful information that should be standard on all websites of this kind, or is it company-specific information? Is the information current and beneficial to your target audience? A web page dedicated entirely to 2009 tax incentives for home owners is not useful information in April 2012.

At Least 3

Most companies can easily benefit from a website with 3 or more pages. You won’t look as small and cheap as a company with only a 1-page site. You know enough about your industry and your company to populate 1 to 2 pages with your own unique content. And if you need a little help on populating the 3rd page, just make it a contact page. A dedicated page for contact information, maps, directions, business hours, etc. is a very useful page in any industry … especially helpful on a mobile web site. Furthermore, having a built-in contact form on your web site is much more desirable to consumers than them having to login to their own e-mail account to ask you a quick question.

There is no set required number of web pages in any industry. Just be careful how you use the pages that you decide to put on your web site.

Topic: How Many Pages Should My Website Have?

Android Market Becomes Google Play Store

Have you looked at your Android device recently and asked yourself what happened to the Android Market? I did. It’s bad enough that I recently purchased a new phone with tons of bells and whistles that I am still discovering. Then I lose something! Did I misplace it … accidentally delete it without knowing (given my ignorance of how to safely play with my new toy)? While searching franticly for the Android Market, I noticed something that I was certain I had not seen before, Play Store written below what looked like a shopping bag. Well, I hate shopping and I was not in the mood to “Play” anything. So I kept searching for Android Market. Finally, I realized that it just wasn’t there anymore, and maybe I should check out the new app on my phone. “Aahh, I see”, said the enlightened one. Google snuck it in on me, and I didn’t appreciate not getting a heads-up. The change is fine, but they could have let me know to expect the name change.

Why is Android Market the New Google Play Store? 

Google wanted to increase sales of digital content. So, a few different things have been combined under the Play Store umbrella. Music, movies and books that were already available on Android Market are now in the Google Play Store. Also included are Google’s recently launched music service and Google’s eBookstore. Google hopes that those who only occasionally visited the Android Market in the past will start noticing the availability of different types of content. Perhaps they will purchase an album or an e-book.

Google Play Store – Market Penetration 

There are over 300 million Android devices in use worldwide with about 6 million more being activated every week. Over 450,000 apps have been developed for Android devices. Google also stocks over 4 million books and more than 13 million movies and songs.

While 450,000 apps for Google’s Android devices sounds like a huge number, it is still 100,000 below Apple’s 550,000 applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touches.

Size isn’t everything. Google is catering to people who don’t want to be limited to devices with iTunes software when they want to play something they purchased from the Apple store.  Google is making it easier for customers to navigate from one section of the Google Play Store to another and making it easier to manage their content.


Sync Your Android Calendar with Outlook

Do you use a Google / Android product and need to sync your Android calendar with Outlook? This blog post is what you need. To skip over me rambling about pitiful T-mobile support, scroll down to skip the next 2 paragraphs and get to the nitty gritty. First I would like to say that I have been a very happy T-mobile customer for 10 years. This is the very first time their support team was not able to help me. Overall, I still love T-mobile.

It is so difficult to sync an Adroid phone with Outlook, that PCMag.com published an article on Feb. 7, 2012 about the nightmare. They started the article with “There’s a little secret to buying an Android phone, one that you may not learn until it’s too late: Google really wants you to use Gmail, Google Contacts, and Google Calendar”.

I racked my brain thinking to myself “Surely T-mobile isn’t promoting their MyTouch phones as being easily syncable with Outlook when they really can’t be synced”. At least 4 different T-mobile representatives told me that it could not be done. I spent hours on the phone with T-mobile, searching the web, and testing 3rd party apps. Why? Because the MyTouch is a sweet phone, and if I could just get this one thing to work properly, I will love it for life. I operate 2 internet-based businesses and utilize online services for each of them. The mobile apps and other features would help me manage both of my businesses more efficiently when I am away from my computer. On my own … no help from T-mobile … I figured it out.

How to Sync Android Phone Calendar with Outlook

You will need a Gmail account. Sorry, but it is the only way that I know of so far. With it, syncing to Outlook really does work very well. I promise. You don’t have to start using Gmail e-mail services, and you don’t have to stop using your normal e-mail accounts for sending & receiving messages. You can continue using your normal e-mail accounts as usual.

Do not attempt to “merge” calendars. You may run into problems like duplicate entries or lost data. I strongly suggest making backups of your calendar info before doing anything. Make the backup as a CSV file and save it somewhere safe.

Go online and setup a free Gmail account … with a very strong password.

Connect the Gmail account to your phone via the Gmail app.

Setup the same Gmail account in Outlook on your computer.

Close Outlook.

Now you are ready to check out this web page http://support.google.com/calendar/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=98563 and download Google Calendar Sync.

After you have successfully installed Google Calendar Sync, your phone calendar and Outlook will automatically start syncing. To see this, open whichever program/device is receiving the synced data. You will see the calendar info either already in there or populating right in front of your eyes.

I did this with Microsoft Office 2007 running on Windows 7. My phone is a regular T-mobile MyTouch – black (not the slide phone). I was syncing the calendar from my phone to Microsoft Outlook on my computer. It worked perfectly the very first time.