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Biz Ad Nation hosting change COMPLETE (2009-1-25)

All ISPs have found the new location of Biz Ad Nation. Everyone should be able to view Biz Ad Nation on the new server now. Very fast and smooth transition!

Biz Ad Nation hosting change in progress (2009-1-25)

Just a little note to let everyone know that I am in the process of moving to the new server now. Some people may not be able to view the site while their ISP attempts to find the new lacation of the site. No files or ads will be lost. When the site is displayed from the [...]

Web Hosting Upgrades (2009-1-20)

Great News! Q Web Designs has outgrown its current hosting environment and needs to upgrade. This means we are hosting tons of clients and growing like gangbusters. I am proud to have had the headache of figuring out which hosting platform to choose to better serve the growing needs of our clients. Some of you just need your site [...]

Trip of a Lifetime! (2009-1-13)

Enter to win the trip of a lifetime! The only thing better than your free entry in the sweepstakes is the chance to enter a new sweepstakes each and every month. No purchase necessary. Simply go to and signup for the Trip of a Lifetime Sweepstakes. It’s that easy! …

Happy New Year! (2009-1-3)

This is just a little note to say Happy New Year to everyone. Last year was another very blessed year for me. Not only am I still running my web site design company (Q Web Designs), but I also started offering printing services through the web design company. I took some bold steps in marketing, and even started a couple of [...]