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A Letter to the President (2010-11-27)

I have been very concerned about how unemployment insurance benefits are distributed. I finally contacted the white house today about it. I’m not sure anyone will respond, and less sure anything will happen as a result of my concerns, but at least I feel better having voiced them. Have you made your voice heard? .

Follow Me on Facebook Button (or Follow Us) (2010-11-16)

Many people have the Follow Me on Facebook button on their blogs and personal web sites. Business owners are catching on and creating Follow Us on Facebook buttons for their business blogs and web sites as well. But as people who use the internet for business and not much pleasure, many business people need assistance [...]

Paperless Check Processing – Phone & Internet Checks (2010-11-5)

I’m extremely excited about a new service that I started using Tuesday … yes, 3 days ago! It allowed me to accept a client’s checking account information over the phone, and then process that check online from the comfort of the bed & breakfast suite I was in at the time. I was back home [...]