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Web Page Width (2012-1-29)

Are you wondering what the most common web page width is? With tens of thousands of web design companies in the United States alone, the possibilities are endless. Therefore, there is no actual standard. Most website design companies try to build sites with widths that fill up most of a visitor’s monitor without making them [...]

Web Design: Avoid These Mistakes (2012-1-25)

Back when the internet was in its infancy, not many people knew much about web design. Celebrities or large corporations had web sites, but the average business owner wasn’t in a hurry to publish a ton of its information to the world. Now a web site is a necessity for any business. While most companies [...]

E-Commerce Web Design (2012-1-8)

E-Commerce Web Design | Services Even though we offer all kinds of web design services, we have had in increase in e-commerce web design clients lately. Perhaps it’s because word is spreading about our fast and affordable services. Also, more people are realizing that our experienced development team is capable of walking our clients through [...]