Android Market Becomes Google Play Store

Have you looked at your Android device recently and asked yourself what happened to the Android Market? I did. It’s bad enough that I recently purchased a new phone with tons of bells and whistles that I am still discovering. Then I lose something! Did I misplace it … accidentally delete it without knowing (given my ignorance of how to safely play with my new toy)? While searching franticly for the Android Market, I noticed something that I was certain I had not seen before, Play Store written below what looked like a shopping bag. Well, I hate shopping and I was not in the mood to “Play” anything. So I kept searching for Android Market. Finally, I realized that it just wasn’t there anymore, and maybe I should check out the new app on my phone. “Aahh, I see”, said the enlightened one. Google snuck it in on me, and I didn’t appreciate not getting a heads-up. The change is fine, but they could have let me know to expect the name change.

Why is Android Market the New Google Play Store? 

Google wanted to increase sales of digital content. So, a few different things have been combined under the Play Store umbrella. Music, movies and books that were already available on Android Market are now in the Google Play Store. Also included are Google’s recently launched music service and Google’s eBookstore. Google hopes that those who only occasionally visited the Android Market in the past will start noticing the availability of different types of content. Perhaps they will purchase an album or an e-book.

Google Play Store – Market Penetration 

There are over 300 million Android devices in use worldwide with about 6 million more being activated every week. Over 450,000 apps have been developed for Android devices. Google also stocks over 4 million books and more than 13 million movies and songs.

While 450,000 apps for Google’s Android devices sounds like a huge number, it is still 100,000 below Apple’s 550,000 applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touches.

Size isn’t everything. Google is catering to people who don’t want to be limited to devices with iTunes software when they want to play something they purchased from the Apple store.  Google is making it easier for customers to navigate from one section of the Google Play Store to another and making it easier to manage their content.


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