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Open Homepage In New Tab (firefox) (2012-4-11)

Even though Firefox is a wonderful browser, they managed to leave thousands of people searching for ways to “open homepage in new tab (firefox)” each month. For being the 2nd most popular web browser on the planet, not making that standard (or at least an option in the settings) was a huge disappointment to firefox [...]

Android Market Becomes Google Play Store (2012-3-19)

Have you looked at your Android device recently and asked yourself what happened to the Android Market? I did. It’s bad enough that I recently purchased a new phone with tons of bells and whistles that I am still discovering. Then I lose something! Did I misplace it … accidentally delete it without knowing (given [...]

Sync Your Android Calendar with Outlook (2012-3-1)

Do you use a Google / Android product and need to sync your Android calendar with Outlook? This blog post is what you need. To skip over me rambling about pitiful T-mobile support, scroll down to skip the next 2 paragraphs and get to the nitty gritty. First I would like to say that I [...]

Facebook IPO (2012-2-2)

Having officially filed their Facebook IPO prospectus yesterday, Facebook is going public. This is just the beginning of the IPO process. Before anything else is finalized, Facebook first has to decide which stock exchange to list their common stock on. The battle is between NASDAQ and NYSE. Yes, battle. While only Facebook can choose where [...]

3G vs 4G (2011-12-3)

Are you thinking about upgrading your cell phone to a 4G capable phone? Are you in an area where your current service provider does not have 4G coverage yet? Before you upgrade, you need to ask yourself why. Are you upgrading just because your phone is a few years old and 4G is the current [...]

Twitter Bans Users for … (2011-9-3)

Just like other public online platforms, Twitter has rules that must be followed. Unfortunately, those rules can be easily broken by some people who don’t understand exactly what is and is not acceptable.  New Twitter users may feel the need to get as many followers as possible as quickly as possible … similar to the [...]

Facebook Login Phishing Scam at (2010-12-12)

Facebook phishing scam at tries to trick people into giving their real facebook user name and password. Don’t fall for it.

Follow Me on Facebook Button (or Follow Us) (2010-11-16)

Many people have the Follow Me on Facebook button on their blogs and personal web sites. Business owners are catching on and creating Follow Us on Facebook buttons for their business blogs and web sites as well. But as people who use the internet for business and not much pleasure, many business people need assistance [...]

Facebook Password Reset Confirmation – virus / malware (2010-3-16)

Facebook password reset confirmation virus / malware. Bogus e-mail. Do not open the file.