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Printing Special – Trifold Brochures (2012-8-15)

Our current printing special is 1,000 Tri-fold Brochures for only $265. That includes Free UPS Shipping to your door anywhere in Louisville KY, New Albany IN, Clarksville IN and Jeffersonville IN. The brochures can be full color or black & white. Brochures are printed on sturdy 100# gloss book stock. Offer Ends August 31, 2012 [...]

Louisville Printing Special (2012-6-28)

Our current Louisville printing special is 1,000 1-Side Business Cards for $50! That includes Free UPS Shipping to your door anywhere in Louisville. The cards can be full color or black & white. Get a UV gloss coat or a matte finish. It doesn’t matter … all the same low price. Offer Ends July 1, 2012 Offer [...]

Jefferson Jewelers in Jeffersonville IN (2011-6-7)

Jefferson Jewelers in Jeffersonville IN is one of our newest clients. Please visit them the next time you are in the Jeffersonville Indiana area. They have jewelry options for every budget. Looking for the perfect pearls, amazing amethyst, or stunning sterling silver jewelry? How about tungsten, titanium, or the classics … diamonds and gold. If [...]

Avast False Positive 4-11-2011 11.4.2011 Problems (2011-4-11)

Are you getting a lot of malware warnings (false positives) with the 11.4.2011 – 110411-1 update from Avast!? Avast! is aware of the problem and they are working to fix it as quickly as possible. The antivirus program is producing a false positive for a lot of web sites. For now, the best way to access the [...]

Louisville Seafood Restaurants (2011-3-8)

Louisville seafood restaurants. Hill Street Fish Fry.

Anthrax in Tide Detergent – Hoax (2011-1-7)

Anthrax in Tide detergent. True or False? Answers and resources here.

Found 2 Lost Dogs in Clarksville IN (2010-12-11)

2 dogs found at expressway in Clarksville IN on 11/11/2010. One was brown, possibly pit bull mix and the other was a German Shepherd.

Common Mistake Increases Credit Card Chargebacks (2010-12-6)

Do you accept credit cards, or will you start accepting credit cards soon? Then be sure to avoid a very common mistake that many merchants make. Chargebacks are huge a pain in the b%*tt, and many can be easily avoided by simply setting up your merchant account to reflect your accurate business name on the [...]

Bridges Authority Meeting 12/2/2010 (2010-12-1)

I just received an e-mail from a friend a few minutes ago and wanted to share it with others who may be interested in attending. I know it’s short notice, but if you can at least show up for even a short period of time your attendance certainly will help. The e-mail I received is as follows: ————— [...]

A Letter to the President (2010-11-27)

I have been very concerned about how unemployment insurance benefits are distributed. I finally contacted the white house today about it. I’m not sure anyone will respond, and less sure anything will happen as a result of my concerns, but at least I feel better having voiced them. Have you made your voice heard? .