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E-Commerce Web DesignEven though we offer all kinds of web design services, we have had in increase in e-commerce web design clients lately. Perhaps it’s because word is spreading about our fast and affordable services. Also, more people are realizing that our experienced development team is capable of walking our clients through every phase of e-commerce web design. We can help you with all of the following questions and steps to ensure a successful online store.

  • If you have PayPal, do you still need a merchant account too?
  • Can you connect a shopping cart to PayPal without a merchant account?
  • Deciding which merchant processor fits your budget and your needs.
  • Do you really need to accept American Express?
  • Deciding which shopping cart software suits your needs.
  • Is your shopping cart compatible with your gateway?
  • How will your shopping cart handle electronic products like
    song downloads or e-books?
  • Will your shopping cart allow customized shipping options?
  • How to download backups of your store information.
  • How to manage orders & customer accounts in your online store.

E-Commerce Web Design | Prices

There are several web designers out there trying to take advantage of unsuspecting business owners. Be sure to ask (and get it in writing) exactly what you will be getting for the price a web designer quotes you. When you look at the bottom line, make sure you are getting everything you need for an acceptable price. When Company A quotes $4,000 and Company B quotes $2,500, you should expect to get a lot more for your money with Company A. Asking detailed questions and getting the answers in writing will help you get the most bang for your buck.

E-Commerce Web Design | How We Do It

Before we start working with any client, we get a thorough understanding of exactly what the company needs. Then we put in writing exactly what the client will get from us and at what price.

When developing online stores, we make it easy for the merchant to make updates to products and store settings without having to call on us for every change. This allows the merchant to keep their online store as current and accurate as possible. We are also available to make updates or assist in any way necessary as needed. Q Web Designs is just a phone call away for all of your e-commerce web design needs.

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