Facebook IPO

Facebook IPOHaving officially filed their Facebook IPO prospectus yesterday, Facebook is going public. This is just the beginning of the IPO process. Before anything else is finalized, Facebook first has to decide which stock exchange to list their common stock on. The battle is between NASDAQ and NYSE. Yes, battle. While only Facebook can choose where to list, NYSE and NASDAQ are common rivals battling to win over (potential) big traders. Prime advertising space and co-branding possibilities are among the incentives used by both exchanges to lure the big dogs. While NYSE can grin and smile about nabbing LinkedIn and Pandora, NASDAQ has bragging rights to winning Groupon and Zynga. The rivalry between these two exchanges is fierce.

Facebook Ticker Symbol

At least the Facebook ticker symbol has been decided on and reserved, FB. Now we are left with the anxiety of wondering which stock exchange will trade the stock, what the IPO price will be, and how soon can we get our hands on Facebook stock. I’m stoked! I haven’t dabbled in the stock market for years, but Facebook certainly has my attention now.

Facebook IPO Price

How much will the Facebook IPO price be? One rumor says we can expect a price around $45 per share. However, “Facebook’s most recent estimate as of December 31 puts the per share price at $29.73” (source: Wired Magazine). Either way, the price is affordable enough for everyone to get in on the action. Facebook expects to raise $5 Billion in funding with this IPO. Given Facebook’s track record of phonominal growth, the stock is expected to make a lot of millionaires very quickly.

Facebook IPO | Stock Sale Date

Even though the IPO process has officially started, all of the legal stuff isn’t expected to be worked out and finalized until May 2012. Between now and then, we can expect to hear a lot more about Facebook stock and keep an eye on increasingly accurate price predictions. We have a little time to save up a few dollars and take advantage of the Facebook IPO.

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