Google Places Page Disappear?

If you are like many internet savvy people, you know the importance of having your business listing appear on Google Places (often mistakenly referred to as Google Maps). It’s a challenging task to find your way around the Google backend and meet all of the Google Places qualification criteria. So when you finally get your listing to show properly, it should stay online until you change something, right? Wrong! Several business owners have seen their Google Places listing drop off of map (literally). The entire Places page is completely gone from the visible listings. Vanished. Poof. Disappeared no matter what keywords or address you use to search for the business.

It seems to be just a Google glitch that we have to live with. You should not be extremely alarmed and rush to assume that you did something wrong. However you should login to your Google account and review your settings. Make sure your information is 100% correct … right down to your suite # for example. If everything looks good and you are still left scratching your head, then make a very small meaningless update. Change the expiration date on your coupon or add an extra sentence in your description. The actual updated information itself isn’t important, but changing something and saving the new settings tends to trigger a sort of “reset”.

The main idea here is don’t just setup your Google Places page and forget about it. You must keep an eye on it. If something goes wrong, dig in and play around to get it working properly again. The whole point of being online is to be seen. Google Places is definitely the place to be if you want to be seen.

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