Link Building vs Link Swap

Link BuildingLink building is much different than link swapping. In actuality, link swapping is just a type of link building. Link building itself focuses on getting inbound links from other sites to your web site. In some cases, we may have no choice but to put a link on our own site in order to gain a link back from another site (link swap). However, inbound links that don’t require you to link out to that site (also called 1-way links) are much more valuable to an SEO campaign. One-way links tell the search engine that the other sites recognize your site as an authority in your field. They think your content is relevant to the topic at hand, and they don’t mind sending traffic to your site to view your content.

Many businesses actually engage in link swapping just to get the inbound links. The problem with that is you could easily look more like a lawn & garden directory than the local landscaping company that John Doe is searching for. After all, how many links can you put on your site before the links take over the actual content and the whole purpose of having the site in the first place?

Inbound link building is among the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Some internet experts would argue that little else matters if you have a good linking strategy.

Do Link Building the Right Way

Press releases are among the most popular ways to get 1-way inbound links. Directory listings are also very affective. Article submissions can lead to several inbound links in a fairly short amount of time.

Link Building from Multiple Domains

It is very easy to get several inbound links from 1 domain. Those don’t carry nearly as much seo juice as links from several different domains. Which is more influential to you? One friend who really really likes Jack’s Pizza Parlor … or 8 friends who really like Jack’s Pizza Parlor? Search engines view inbound link building the same way you view your friends’ recommendations.

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