Mobile Flash No More

It’s no secret that Adobe Flash has had a hard time adapting to the mobile world. After all, Flash was initially developed for desktop use, and on desktops … Flash rules. It may be a surprise to some that there actually is a version of Flash Player that has already been developed for mobile devices. After the upcoming update to mobile Flash with Flash Player 11.1, Adobe will discontinue development of the product. That’s right, even if your mobile site uses the current mobile Flash technology, it will not be updated in the future.

So why did few people even know about Flash being viewable on mobile devices? Apps! Everyone knows about apps because the wireless service providers and independent web site owners push the importance of their apps onto consumers. A consumer’s first move is to their app store when they want any capability that was not already available on their mobile device. Also, word spread fast years ago when mobile users first discovered that Flash could not be easily viewed on their devices (back then). Those users told other mobile internet surfers, and none of them have given mobile Flash a second thought.

What does this mean for the world of mobile web design? It means that on mobile devices HTML5 rules … leaving no room for Flash. For Adobe Flash, this isn’t exactly a tossing in of the towel. Flash Player was developed for desktop computers and (for now) the majority of internet activity still takes place on desktops.

Did You Know? Adobe Flash Player is installed on 99% of all internet-enabled PCs.


qwebdesigns posted at 2011-11-13 Category: Web Site Design