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Open Homepage in New Tab FirefoxEven though Firefox is a wonderful browser, they managed to leave thousands of people searching for ways to “open homepage in new tab (firefox)” each month. For being the 2nd most popular web browser on the planet, not making that standard (or at least an option in the settings) was a huge disappointment to firefox users.

First, check your settings. Make sure your home page is set to the correct web site, and make sure the Startup section is set to “Show my home page” when Firefox starts. Then you are ready to move on to 1 of the 3 following options.

Control + Click

While holding the Control key down, click the Home icon on the toolbar. This will allow you to open homepage in new tab (firefox). It’s a nice option if you don’t want to download anything extra … and you can remember to hold down the Control key before simply clicking the home icon. Isn’t it natural to just click without thinking about it?

Middle Click

If you have a mouse with 3 buttons on it, then it’s obvious what a middle click is. If you have a mouse with 2 buttons and a roller in the middle (like what I have), then it may not be so obvious. Press down on the roller to perform a middle click. To open homepage in new tab (firefox), middle click on the Home icon located on the toolbar. This may easily be the most preferred option because it requires only 1 action, and there are no downloads necessary.

Add-ons / Plug-ins

There are add-ons that will allow you to open homepage in new tab (firefox). There are 3 big problems with this fix. Many people don’t like downloading things that aren’t absolutely mandatory for their daily internet use. Therefore, the add-on approach forces some people to step outside their comfort zone. Second problem. Whenever firefox releases an update, they tend to kill the compatibility that the older version had with most add-ons. So, download an add-on… update to a new version of firefox in a few months … add-on stops working. Big problem number 3. People don’t have to download anything extra to load a new tab with their homepage in Internet Explorer. I personally can’t remember ever not having my homepage automatically load in a new tab in IE. So it was an annoying inconvenience every time firefox gave me a totally blank screen. Often, I would just close firefox and open IE.

I hope this information helps you find a suitable way to open homepage in new tab (firefox).

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