Sync Your Android Calendar with Outlook

Do you use a Google / Android product and need to sync your Android calendar with Outlook? This blog post is what you need. To skip over me rambling about pitiful T-mobile support, scroll down to skip the next 2 paragraphs and get to the nitty gritty. First I would like to say that I have been a very happy T-mobile customer for 10 years. This is the very first time their support team was not able to help me. Overall, I still love T-mobile.

It is so difficult to sync an Adroid phone with Outlook, that published an article on Feb. 7, 2012 about the nightmare. They started the article with “There’s a little secret to buying an Android phone, one that you may not learn until it’s too late: Google really wants you to use Gmail, Google Contacts, and Google Calendar”.

I racked my brain thinking to myself “Surely T-mobile isn’t promoting their MyTouch phones as being easily syncable with Outlook when they really can’t be synced”. At least 4 different T-mobile representatives told me that it could not be done. I spent hours on the phone with T-mobile, searching the web, and testing 3rd party apps. Why? Because the MyTouch is a sweet phone, and if I could just get this one thing to work properly, I will love it for life. I operate 2 internet-based businesses and utilize online services for each of them. The mobile apps and other features would help me manage both of my businesses more efficiently when I am away from my computer. On my own … no help from T-mobile … I figured it out.

How to Sync Android Phone Calendar with Outlook

You will need a Gmail account. Sorry, but it is the only way that I know of so far. With it, syncing to Outlook really does work very well. I promise. You don’t have to start using Gmail e-mail services, and you don’t have to stop using your normal e-mail accounts for sending & receiving messages. You can continue using your normal e-mail accounts as usual.

Do not attempt to “merge” calendars. You may run into problems like duplicate entries or lost data. I strongly suggest making backups of your calendar info before doing anything. Make the backup as a CSV file and save it somewhere safe.

Go online and setup a free Gmail account … with a very strong password.

Connect the Gmail account to your phone via the Gmail app.

Setup the same Gmail account in Outlook on your computer.

Close Outlook.

Now you are ready to check out this web page and download Google Calendar Sync.

After you have successfully installed Google Calendar Sync, your phone calendar and Outlook will automatically start syncing. To see this, open whichever program/device is receiving the synced data. You will see the calendar info either already in there or populating right in front of your eyes.

I did this with Microsoft Office 2007 running on Windows 7. My phone is a regular T-mobile MyTouch – black (not the slide phone). I was syncing the calendar from my phone to Microsoft Outlook on my computer. It worked perfectly the very first time.

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