The True Cost of Web Site Design

Have you ever wondered why the price of a good, professional web site can be so high with some companies and pretty affordable with others? I believe it is because some web design firms are so money-motivated that they will take advantage of those who can’t build their own web sites. Do you really have to go downtown to Company A’s big office building and spend time explaining exactly what you want before they can give you a ballpark estimate? No. That can be done over the phone in a matter of minutes, but many firms will not give prices over the phone or list prices on their web sites. Why is pricing such a secret? They want to impress you with the suits and fancy offices. The fact is, those suits and offices are a very large part of the astronomical fee that firm plans on slapping you with. Do you really have to give all of your contact information and web site ideas in that long online form and wait a few days for Company B to get back to you with an estimate? No. Professional web designers already know how much time it will take them to do certain things. The cost of the actual web site design is very minimal regardless of who builds the site because it’s really all about the time it takes someone to sit down and do it. The only cash expenses a web designer actually pays to build a site are certificate fees (as needed for things like e-commerce), hosting (only if the designer is hosting also), and anything that is outsourced (like graphic design). Of course those fees are passed on to the consumer, but what if you do not want an e-commerce site and you already have the domain & hosting through a different company? Shouldn’t you be able to just pay the cost for actual web design? Yes!

Web Site Design Software

Many web designers use software programs that do most of the work for them in a few simple clicks. After the designer spending a couple of hours clicking around in a program like Dreamweaver, the consumer could receive a bill for thousands of dollars. That is outrageous and unacceptable when they could have charged a fraction of that price and still had a reasonable profit.

The Affordable Alternative

Let me introduce you to Q Web Designs. Q Web Designs is a web design company that I started back in late 2006. I specialize in affordable & professional web sites for small businesses. Even though I build web sites for larger companies also, my main focus is on small businesses. I believe small business owners need my services more because of how affordable my rates are … $60 per page with no page minimums. Clients are pleased when they see prices and sample estimates on the web site. It is also comforting to know they will not be pressured to meet in person or give their phone #, e-mail address, street address etc. before they receive an estimate for their particular project. Callers are able to get ballpark estimates & explanations over the phone so they can decide what they want to do from there.

Live Samples!

It doesn’t do any good to just show pictures of web sites. That’s why there are live samples displayed on the Samples page of Visitors can click around and see how the web sites look and operate. For more information about the web site design services available through Q Web Designs, please visit, or call (502) 298-2802.

Getting a web site can be scary for small business owners. I’m here to help.

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