Web Design: Avoid These Mistakes

Back when the internet was in its infancy, not many people knew much about web design. Celebrities or large corporations had web sites, but the average business owner wasn’t in a hurry to publish a ton of its information to the world. Now a web site is a necessity for any business. While most companies are finally realizing the importance of a web site, few realize there is a wrong way to build it.

Avoid These Web Design Pitfalls

Don’t try to do everything yourself. Unless you are a professional web designer (college or extensive hands-on experience), the best thing you can do for your web site is hire a reputable web design company to build it for you. The internet is constantly changing. The only way to make sure your web site remains visible and performs well is to have a professional web design company build it and maintain it.

Don’t aim for the cheapest web design solutions available. When a tiny budget dictates how your web site will look, how many pages it will have, or what kind of content will be on it, then your web site will likely not be as beneficial to your company as it could be. Tight budgets don’t allow room for the creativity that captures people’s attention or the search engine friendly structure that gets noticed on Google. If no-one can find your site or people don’t like what they see once they find it, then the entire investment was a waste of time and money … regardless of how cheap it was. Your dollars would be better spent by saving up the money to build a competitive web site in a Google-friendly manner.

Don’t put too much personal information on a business web site. The owner of a large retail outlet shouldn’t have a photo of the family dog on the home page. If someone is visiting the “company” web site, then they most likely want to see information about the company, not Fido. Fido would be better displayed on a social media site or a blog. Irrelevant content is one of the fastest ways to send web site visitors running.

Don’t make it too hard for people to contact you. If people can’t find your contact information, or the only way to contact you is by phone during normal business hours, then you will certainly be missing out on leads. Most people are at work or juggling very hectic lives during normal business hours. Maybe someone plays phone tag with you so long that they give up and do a live online chat with your competitor. Maybe it’s 2:45am when John lands on your site, and he won’t be available later to call you. An online contact form to send you a question would be very convenient.

Lastly, don’t focus so much on what you like that you forget who the web site really needs to appeal to. The owner of a sporting goods web site should not have a flowery background simply because someone likes roses. Most men (larger population of sports enthusiasts) would probably not buy a Bengals jersey online from a company with a rose-themed web design.

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